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About Us


Luxury carpets combine great looks with a contemporary style and are manufactured by us in a vibrant range of colors. Our luxury carpets are available in various styles and materials such faux, velvet and wool. We weave the Handloom carpets with the assistance of skilled craftsmen, who use different types of traditional methods of hand weaving to produce very beautiful carpets which have lot of prominent weaved designs in it. Handloom carpets are a result of sheer skill and hard labor and it shows in the form of their high quality design. Natural handloom carpets have natural shades and intricate weaving. Natural handloom carpets are very rich in natural colors and are made up of natural weaving materials and they bring a natural touch to the interiors of a home. Then there are plain handloom carpets as well which are simple yet elegant and can add to the simplicity of a home. These carpets can also be a great addition to offices and commercial premises.