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A carpet is a thick covering used for textile floors made from either wool or other material. We are Indian woolen and silk carpets manufacturer, exporter and supplier. The Indian carpets have been in prominence since the era of Mughals who prioritized the use of silk carpets and woolen carpets in their courts and palaces. Theses carpets are extraordinarily rich with unique patterns, designs and styles on their surface. As a unique and distinguished form of art, these are characterized with its exclusive range of colors like pink, green, yellow, red, etc. Intense red color is commonly used in Indian carpets with floral designs on the surface. Our woolen carpets are made using wool yarns and some synthetic fiber and are relatively expensive as compared to the pure synthetic carpets. Silk and woolen carpets are more valued in the range of hand knotted rugs as strong silk fibers and wool used is knotted intricately resulting in a clear patterns and detailed designs.