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Care & Maintence

Care & Maintence

General Information:

Proper care and maintenance will greatly enhance both the beauty and life of the rugs. In addition to normal wear and tear, central heating, air conditioning, direct sunlight, heat, household chemicals and other factors can have a negative effect, including damaging or destroying a rug. No child labor is involved in the production of our rugs.For your protection these rugs meets consumer products safety commission standard FF1-70 for flammability.

General Care Guide:

  • Clean and maintain your rug with use of vaccum, so Vaccum regularly, Clean spills immediately
  • blotting with cloth or Sponge. Prompt action will avoids the spillage penetrating the pile fibers.
  • For major spills, professional cleaners and professional cleaning
  • Method is recommended. Power spray extraction cleaning method is preferred.
  • Place padding beneath your rugs for your safety, and for the protection of the rug and of
  • Underlying surfaces and to prevent color transfer.

Also it is recommended only the use of woolen or other compatible carpet cleaner for the cleaning the Rugs. The cleaning process should involve applying the woolies with a soft bristle brush, rinsing the water and extracting with a vaccum or extractor. The rug should then be dried by air or low temperature hair dryer. Get the advice of a reputable professional carpet cleaner when you hire professionals, ask them the approximate time for drying and when you can safely use the carpet again.
Quality walk-off mats are recommended at entrances to reduce dirt from being walked onto carpets. 


  • Do not use alkaline detergents
  • Do not place the rug in damp areas as dampness may cause deterioration of rug.
  • Do not over wet, dampen or moisten rugs with liquids.
  • Do not place the rug near heat or fire ignition sources.
  • Do not place your rug in direct sunlight for long periods of time as excessive exposure to direct sunlight can lead to fading in the rug.
  • Do not over wet when cleaning your carpet.
  • Do not rub stains as this can spread or deepen the stain.
  • Do not wait until your carpet becomes too dirty before arranging a general clean.

Care & Cleaning Carpets are as under:-

Alcoholic Beverages Detergent/white vinegar or cleaning fluid

Ball-Point pen ink Methylated sprites or turpentine

Beer Detergent/white vinegar

Burning Cigarette Brush off with a hard edge

Butter Cleaning fluid

Candy Detergent/white vinegar or scrap vaccum

Chewing Gum Detergent/white vinegar or cleaning fluid

Chocolate Detergent/white vinegar or cleaning fluid

Coffee Glycerin

Cosmetic Detergent/white vinegar or cleaning fluid

Egg Detergent/white vinegar

Fat and oil Tissue and iron, then cleaning fluid (Do not use iron after solvent)

Fruit and juices Detergent/white vinegar

Furniture Polish Detergent/white vinegar or cleaning fluid

Glue Alcohol

Furniture Mark:

Furniture put on carpets leave permanent marks on the carpet and after some time while changing the position of the furniture, the carpet will show the marks of the legs on their former position: So to remove this marks please take a small piece of wet clean cloth and cleaning flied (mild soap) and rub it all around the affected area for two minutes and then wipe with same cloth towards the darker side then the pile will get lifted and after that use iron if required(optional).


NOTE: All advice is offered in good faith. No responsibility will be accepted for claims arising from the suggested treatment. Should stains not respond to proposed treatment, contact a professional carpet leaner immediately. Pre-test all treatment on sample surfaces. Dry powder cleaner and pre-sprays can often be used as a first alternative to the above.